Wasn‘t born in Portland town.


What happens there brings me down


brings me down, brings me down…




Whats going on in Portland town?


Trump tears the Constitution down,


tears it down, tears it down,




Hearing news from Portland town


by Trump democracy is drowned,


fully drowned, fully drowned,




President sends the national guard -


Donald’s violence breaks my heart,


breaks my heart, breaks my heart,




Federal fighters been misused -


Donald Trump might be amused -


riots he choosed - the election he should lose




Escalation in Portland town -


we‘re all George Floyd and freedom bound


freedom bound, freedom bound,




Black lives matter the world around


in Seattle, Austin, Portland town


look around, look around,




Who‘s the meanest man around?


Trump kills people in Portland town


election bound, election bound




Copyright 2020 Gerd Schinkel