ELDERLY BROTHERS AND SISTERS                               G/2




When “Elderly Brothers and Sisters” are singing,               Ge


they bring back the past, with memories ringing.               a6D7


Their dreams of good times will come true for one night.     Ge


Who cares for some hours if the future’s not bright?           a6D7






Here’s a song, sing along,                             eD


the chorus at least you might know.             Ge


Loud and strong sing along,                          aD


and the next steps might be easier to go.     CDG




When “Elderly Sisters and Brothers” are playing,


the music is brilliant, enough reasons for staying.


The songs have a meaning und their truth is so clear –


the essence is love, which you will certainly hear.




When “Elderly Brothers and Sisters” are meeting,


they always have good times, enjoy their hearts beating.


Some of them older and some of them grey.


Whatever might bother them is swept far away.




When “Elderly Sisters and Brothers” together


bring back the old times despite stormy weather,


Some of them missed and some of them gone -


but with good memories you still go on and on…




Copyright 2019 Gerd Schinkel