Calling Colin, calling Colin,                                         CFCF

There’s noone else                                                      CF

like the story telling man.                                            CG

calling Colin, calling Colin,                                         CFCF

many songs he wrote,                                                   CF

I tell you, man, he can.                                               CG

See his right hand fingers                                         a a/G

with nails so long and strong,                                        F-

If you ask him, he might play                                    a a/G

another lovely song.                                                      F-

For decades and many a year –                                     d

he’s the picking pioneer                                                F

makes the people laugh and cheer,                               G

the picking pioneer.                                                      FC


Calling Colin, calling Colin,

In more than one more city 

he sang more than one more song.

Calling Colin, calling Colin,

He hit the road for touring

all these years so long.

To be far away from home

is not an easy life –

To leave behind what he

loves most – his son, his wife.

He picks the strings so loud and clear,

he’s the picking pioneer,

listen to him, lend your ear

to the picking pioneer.


Das ist Colin, so ist Colin -

Er mag nicht altern –

wie ein echter Peter Pan,

Das ist Colin, das ist Colin -

Er lacht dich niemals aus – 

er lacht dich höchstens an.

Und nach seinem Schabernack

singt er dir was vor –

bezaubert dich mit Liedern,

vergnügt dich mit Humor.

Lass dich fallen, gönn es dir,

lausch dem Picking-Pionier,

kannst was lernen, glaub es mir,

vom Picking-Pionier.


Copyright 2011 Gerd Schinkel